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Urban Mind

King’s College London

Sennep London

Work - Iconography / Illustration


During my internship with Sennep London I got the chance to assist on a re-design project of King’s College London’s research app - Urban Mind. The app conducts a survey that measures your experience of urban or rural living in the moment to help understand how city living is affecting mental well-being.


In this project, I was responsible with creating the illustrative icons used in the app. I also designed a system of illustrations that reflect the users current state of physical and mental wellbeing by using the data the app collect from the survey.


The system takes the users’s current physical location and environment, their perception of the neighbourhood, their activities and their current emotional state, and create an original scenery unique to the users situation. Each scenery is then added to a timeline that lays out the users progress through each survey period.

Iconography / Illustrations - Pasiri Akkarasawart

UX / UI Designer - Chris Canon

Creative Director - Matt Rice

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