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Urban Mind

King’s College London

Sennep London

Working with London-based digital product design studio Sennep on this project for research partners King’s College London, landscape architects J&L Gibbons and arts foundation Nomad Project, we reimagined the overall experience of an environment and wellbeing survey app called Urban Mind. 

Urban Mind collects real-time user data to help plan and design healthier cities. Participants are asked to answer survey questions about their current surroundings, how they feel in that given environment and are also invited to take audio and visual records of their surroundings. The data collected from the app will be part of the research that will equip city planners with the data and knowledge they need to inform the design of urban areas that make daily life in the city better and more relaxed.

In order to collect the data, participants are asked to answer survey questions three times a day over a 14-day period — a no mean feat for busy urbanites. Many people were dropping out before completing the assessments, resulting in incomplete data. 


Our goal is to improve the overall experience, keep engagement high through personalised and easily digestible data visualisation in order to track progress.


For this project, I created a library of illustrative icons for the research assessments and designed a data visualisation system that generates illustrations representing the user’s physical and mental wellbeing assessment data.

Iconography / Illustrations - Pasiri Akkarasawart

UX / UI Designer - Chris Canon

Creative Director - Matt Rice

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