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Apple X Ravensbourne

Unsigned Stories

This is an art direction project for an unsigned band named Whitelands. This was part of

the Unsigned Stories exhibition at Apple's HQ London in January 2020.

Whitelands, made up of Etienne and Jagun, is making waves in the predominantly white shoegaze genre. They’re stepping into a new musical world, and transforming it with their presence.

With this focus in mind, we spent the shoot day just having fun with the band whilst trying to capture the most candid and unfiltered part of their personalities into our photography. We shot some of the moments with an iPhone camera pointed through a viewfinder of an Instax camera. 


The photos from both the shoot and the behind the scene were put into a viewmaster showreel format for the audience to manually view the artwork themselves. Through this act, we invited viewers to look through their lens and discover the world Whitelands are creating for themselves. 

Art Direction - Pasiri Akkarasawart

Copy Writer / Editor - Aniqa Khanum

Photographer - Sidney Kwok

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